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arek Lenarczyk – Poland and Germany


Name: Jarek Lenarczyk

Location: Poland, Wroclaw and Germany,Enger

Availability: anytime

Willingness to Travel: all over the world

Programs Offered: demonstrations workshops including formal teaching or practical work. also designing and re styling into a new vision, one on one Preparation of bonsai for exhibitions

Teaching Level: Expert

Specialty: conifers and broadleaved trees

Languages Spoken: Polish, English, German, Russian

Best way to Contact: j [dot] lenarczyk [at] gmail [dot] com

Bio: Was born on the 14 july 1964 in Poland. Since over 8 years bonsai proffessional bonsai designer in Bonsaischule Enger (Germany) in 2000 S.Liporace invited him to learn bonsai in studio botanico. Since 2008 study in Japan by master Nobuischi Urushibata (Taisho-en Shizuoka). He readly does the workshops, courses and bonsai demonstrations, showing yours knowledge about bonsai styling. Owner and Leader of LENARCZYK-BONSAI firm (comp.)

More about this Artist: He has simple live way ,,Lern and practice every days'' the solution to be good bonsaist!img_5560

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