Name: Tedy Boy

Location: Bandung, West Java - INDONESIA

Availability: Anytime

Willingness to Travel: Anywhere for the bonsai world

Programs Offered:

  1. Teaching, Mentoring, Shaping Consultation, Workshop, Demonstration and Lecture A quick way to make bonsai from cheap materials to expensive, for beginner to advance.
    Simple mind and simple solution for simple people.
  2. Let the World Know You, Your Collections and also Your Nursery or Company. Bonsai Training, Documenting, Editing become E-Book, Booklet and DVD Movie.
  3. Bonsaitainment - Bonsai Exhibition, Demonstration, Talk Show + Live Music in public area for education and fun

Teaching Level: Advanced

Specialty: A quick way to get a beautiful bonsai using a simple method

Languages Spoken: Need Indonesian Translator for the best result

Best way to Contact: tedyboybonsai [at] gmail [dot] com

Bio: Name : Tedy Boy, was born in Indonesia on June 21, 1968.
Married with 2 boys and 1 daughter.
Hobby : Drawing, ( since I was 5 years old ), Playing rock music ( although I'm not expert, but I like it and for Fun only : guitar, vocal, and drums ) from age 17, computer editing ( 2 years until now ), and of course, BONSAI from 2000.
Education Background : Accounting, Management & Indonesian Taxation
I was crazy about bonsai because it is very parallel to my other hobby, DRAWING!!. The same sensation with … Rock n' Roll!!! Finally, when making bonsai, I always treat the tree as I treat my canvases or playing rock music. Do not do much thinking, just do it and feel the sensation.

Bonsai Activities :
I more focus and prefer to introduce bonsai to general audience or beginners than anykind of bonsai contest. I hope bonsai will be welcome as other arts like painting, dancing, or music.

1. Introduce it in the shopping malls or other public areas, do some Bonsai Exhibition, Demonstration , Talk-Shows + Live-Music ( "Bonsaitainment" ). The goals are :
a. Motivating public to love a Bonsai Hobby
b. Motivating the beginners bonsai artist to become their self with their uniqueness
c. Giving a new paradigm : making bonsai is easy!!!
Some of those are printed in locals and national news papers.

2. Publishing Booklet + DVD Movie of " Bonsai Demonstration for Beginner & Hobby " Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 ( Indonesian Version, Limited Circulation, Minor Label )

3. Making an article for BCI's Magazine ( 2 editions : 2007 and 2008 )

4. Bonsai Adventure in India ( Ssurup Bonsai Village, Mumbai )

5. Bonsai Teaching for Beginners to Advance, from Cheap Materials to Expensive

I hope that in the future the hobby of bonsai will spread well to public, not only to specific groups. How beautiful it is.

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