Name: Budi Sulistyo

Location: Indonesia, Jakarta

Availability: By appointment

Willingness to Travel: Anywhere

Programs Offered: Workshops, Demonstrations, Lectures, Critique and Judging

Teaching Level: Expert


Languages Spoken: English

Best way to Contact: budisulistyo [at] yahoo [dot] com

Bio: Budi was born in Magelang, Central Java, Indonesia in 1952. He started doing bonsai in 1976. He is considered as one of the bonsai pioneers in his country. He conducted bonsai program in National Television for almost ten years since 1986. His first international debut was as the headliner and workshops coordinator in ASPAC 1 in Bali 1991. Since then as the first person in Indonesia invited abroad to teach bonsai, he travelled to many countries for demonstrations, workshops, Critiques and judging. He wrote three bonsai books in Indonesian language and one, “Tropical Bonsai Gallery”, in English. His works got many awards from international bonsai bodies like Nippon Bonsai Association and WBFF. In 2007 he was the chief of operation in the 9th ASPAC in Bali. Now he is the vice president of the Indonesian Bonsai Society, the secretary general of the Indonesian Suiseki Association and the director of BCI.
Anyhow, his main job is the director of a real estate company developing houses, offices and shopping complex. While bonsai is considered as his second wife.
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