Name: Graham Potter

Location: Norwich. U.K

Availability: 24-7 - 365 but a little notice would be appreciated.

Willingness to Travel: Anywhere

Programs Offered: Workshops/Demos/Lectures ect.) Lectures, demo or workshops including formal teaching or practical work. Most subjects can be covered in detail to suit your needs. Weekend teaching/workshops on most subjects including carving with power tools and handwork techniques.

I am happy to tackle most subjects as you require. Previous demonstrations have included the following. Again please feel free to contact me to discuss your ideas.

  • Carving techniques for Bonsai using power tools.
  • The creation of deadwood using hand tools.
  • The cultivation/styling and refinement of junipers.
  • The cultivation/styling and refinement of pines.
  • The cultivation/styling and refinement of taxus baccatta - English yew.
  • The cultivation/styling and refinement of olive trees.
  • Collecting, preparing and development of raw material.
  • A critique of members trees.
  • A profile on native deciduous species.
  • A profile of Mediterranean trees for Bonsai.

Teaching Level: English Yew (Taxus Baccatta)

Specialty: Expert

Languages Spoken: English

Best way to Contact: Info [at] kaizenbonsai [dot] com (Be persistent, I get a lot of mail!)

Bio: I began taking an interest in bonsai around 1990, slowly at first but as i found other people to work with enthusiasm grew quickly. By 1995 I was spending 6-8 hours a day working on trees 7 days a week. 1999 I met Kevin Willson who inspired me greatly. Exhibited my first tree at the Ginkgo Awards in 2003 - The Plucking Yew a tree I collected myself. Also exhibited in 2005 & 2007. My trees have placed in the top 10 at the Noelanders trophy for the last 6 years including runner up in 2007.

In 2004 I began a part time bonsai business selling dry goods mail order (formerly Bonsai Mart). Much to my surprise this has grown to be a full time business for my family and our web site is one of the largest of it's kind on the web. Also in 2004/5 i studied horticulture which helped me to understand a lot of the underlying horticultural principles of bonsai. I like to use this grounding to help my students understand WHY we use some of the techniques we do and how to exploit the natural habits and growth rhythms of trees to our advantage. My overwhelming passion is to see trees that are healthy, strong and overflowing with life, these make the best bonsai trees.

I have a reputation for my carving work. This came about because much of my early material was very poor quality and carving helped me to make passable bonsai from them. I still like to do creative carving but feel it is just one small aspect of what we do to create bonsai. My favorite species is English Yew (Taxus Baccatta) closely followed by English Hornbeam and elm. Over the past three years I have begun work with Mediterranean species in the U.K. This has proven extremely rewarding, these species of tree are so tough and fast growing they are a joy to work with.

There is so much yet to learn in bonsai. I do not like to be shackled by convention but am excited by thought of discovering new and interesting ideas and techniques in bonsai. Kaizen - Continual gradual improvement.

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