Enrique Castaño – Mexico

Name: Enrique Castaño

Location: Merida, Mexico. I travel often to the USA, any query please contact me.

Availability: After August 2009

Willingness to Travel: I can travel anywhere in the world.

Programs Offered: Workshops from beginners on shohin, forest and penjing plantings, Tropical trees, woodwork. Workshops should be a 8 hr minimum and 16 maximum unless it includes several visits. Depending on the time schedule there should be at least 2 hours minimum of theory on the subject. Demos and conferences can also be schedule during the visit.

Languages Spoken: Primarly English and Spanish

Best way to Contact: ecs7768 [at] yahoo [dot] com, enriquec [at] cicy [at] mx

Bio:Enrique Castaño from Mexico, is a second generation bonsai artist . He was introduced to the art of bonsai as a normal part of life, overtime his love for nature lead me to study biology from which he obtained his PhD in 1997 from Rochester University, NY. Followed by postdoctoral positions in Harvard and in the UK, which were valued opportunities to observe the work of well known artist and more important to learn about different plant species, how they grow and how to treat them under different conditions. . Currently he is a professor of biochemistry and molecular biology. In the plant institute located in Merida. Besides his research he is very active in the field of Bonsai establishing a group since 2003.

Demonstrations and exhibition
1996 Exhibition in Rochester NY, 2004-2006 organize the annual exhibition of tropical bonsai. Currently organizing the National exhibition of bonsai for Mexico for 2010
2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 Demonstrations in the annual exhibition of tropical bonsai Merida Yucatan
2006 Demonstrations for FEMEXBO in Mexico City, Demonstration in Guadalajara, Czech Republic
2002- Present Teaching Bonsai In Mexico
2003-Present President of Bonsai Tropical de Mexico
2005 selected in the international winner by WBF
2006 Selected award for the best bonsai in FEMEXBO
2006 Jan-March Publication by BCI for one of the 100 best in the world
2006 Advisor for the Latin-American golden Award Prize in the China Penjing
2007 publish by ABS “Botany for bonsai: the science behind the art”
2007 gallery in the Art of Bonsai Project as an international bonsai artist
2007 Knowledge of bonsai art to keep a blog of the work carried out.
2008 General director of VIDA
2008 Editor of Knowledge of bonsai art

Current member of BCI, ABS, FELAB
Have publish several articles on international magazines and my bonsai appear on several books distributed world wide.

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