Name: Sandro Segneri

Location: Bonsai Creative School - Italy

Availability: Sandro Segneri is always available anywhere in the world, but due to his many activities, it is advisable to send each request time before.

Willingness to Travel: Sandro Segneri is always available anywhere in the world, but due to his many activities, it is advisable to send each request time before.

Programs Offered: 1996 / 2009 XIIIth year of teaching activities of the "Creative Bonsai School - Academy."

Avant-garde school for the training of instructors and lovers of bonsai with structured programs with academic methods. A dynamic educational project with the collaboration of teachers and national and international instructors. The school currently has fourteen locations: Rome, Florence, Naples, Prato, Belluno, Ventimiglia, Jallieu Bourgoin (France), Cerreto Guidi, Frosinone ... and academic offices in Florence, Naples and Granada (Spain). The school carries out teaching activities for cooperation in the headquarters of foreign associations in France, Belgium, Czech Republic, Spain, England, USA - Canada, Switzerland and Puerto Rico.

Teaching Level: Master

Specialty: All aspects of bonsai: project. mainteinance,cultivation, display, philosophyl advanced techniques

Languages Spoken: Italian. English

Best way to Contact: info [at] bonsaicreativo [dot] it

Bio: Study trip to Japan: Sandro Segneri with Masters Susumo Sudo and Kunio Kobayashi

Bonsai artist, photographer, sculptor and painter.

Founded in 1996 the school Bonsai Creative School, first school dedicated to the exclusive formation of bonsai instructors: Headquarters - Rome - Naples - Florence - Prato - Belluno - Livorno, Italy French Class in Ventimiglia.

In 2006 founded the section for further academic study, culture, aesthetics and art related to bonsai with offices in Rome, Florence, Naples and Bari

In 2003 the Italian Association U.B.I. award Bonsai Creativo School as the official school for the training of
bonsai instructors.

In 2006 he was awarded the prestigious recognition of the Italian Bonsai School of the year.

Several trees of his collection received the mention of Major Italian Bonsai cultural heritage.

From 2000 to 2005 pupils of School Creative Bonsai represent Italy at the EU EBA New Talent Contest and taking the top award in the 2003.

In 1999, the Republic of San Marino first issued a stamp dedicated to the bonsai and a master of his collection is effigy.

In 2000 received the EBA (bonsai styling and design)award.

In 2001 winner of the Best Italian Bonsai - UBI. Several specimens collected the most significant awards in the Italian National Congress.

Awarded editions in 1999 / 2000 / 2003 Runner Up 2004, 2006 Honorable winner of JAL WORLD BONSAI CONTEST - WBFF.
Prize in 2005 Italy - European Award - Runner up of the prestigious Prize WBFF Certre.
In 2005 The Department of Plant Biology at the University of Rome La Sapienza gives recognition to the qualified contribution in the spread of bonsai.

In 2006 he won the CRESPI CUP - VII International Meeting of Bonsai & Suiseki.

At the National Show-no Kokoro Bonsai Ten in place of Città della Scienza in Naples, Campania Region - Department of Tourism gives the institutional recognition "for the important contribution to teaching and the spreading of bonsai "

His book "Sentieri Bonsai" (Bonsai paths) has been translated into three languages .

His dynamic and creative career led him to conduct lectures and stage demonstrations in national and foreign contests. Creative and innovative artist, Sandro gathers consensus in the most prestigious national and international conferences,by collaborating over thirteen years with the best specialist, both European and American.
IBS Founder and currently President of the Educational Committee of the College National Bonsai & Suiseki instructors. In 2007 part of the Organizing Committee of the BCI-IBS Congress as responsible for "Exhibition and Catalog" curated selection of specimens and equipment.

Demonstrator head liner at the World Congress of the BCI / 2008 in Saint Vincent - Italy where he was awarded the "Iwasaki Award

Headliner demonstrator at the World Congress BCI / 2009 in New Orleans - USA.

In 2008 he was appointed IBS president.

In 2009 winner of the prestigious prize "BCI-PHOTOGRAPH ARTIST-WRITER AWARD"

Collaborate in activities of educational associations in Italy and abroad in Spain, France, Belgium, Czech Republic, England, Switzerland, USA , Canada and Puerto Rico.

More about this Artist: http://www.bonsaicreativo.it/